Ron’s Bio

For over thirty years Ron has been involved in Finance Systems and Processes, from his first job at Deloitte, Haskins + Sells as a 19-year-old programmer writing the Journal Entry subsystem for a trial balance program, through Lotus 1-2-3, Accpac (now Sage), and custom-developed systems (like BOX, the Broker of Obligations and Transactions that connected US Navy accounting systems with Citibank purchase cards), to nine years at Hyperion Solutions (later acquired by Oracle) where he helped raise the toddler now called Enterprise Performance Management. Today, Ron helps organizations understand and realize the business benefits of Connected Planning, EPM processes and technologies, and decision-making platforms.
Always focused on making tangible contributions to his clients, Ron
consults with passion, integrity, and transparency. Ron lives in Santa Fe, NM.

About EPM

Enterprise Performance Management is the process and technologies required to interconnect and answering the following business questions:

  • What do we want to happen in the business: what’s possible?
  • Who will deliver on the promises the organizations make, where, and by when?
  • How are we doing right now?
  • Why did we get the results we got?
  • Given what we’ve got, and what’s possible, what’s next?

It applies to all areas of the business: sales, marketing, operations, HR, and so on.  It’s usually a joint responsibility of the CFO and CIO.  To get an overview of EPM, read my book “EPM Done Right.”  You can see the table of contents here:



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