Data Consumption is undergoing a major shift

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.

As EPM practitioners, our job is to help deliver better insights to the business, and the starting place is delivering useful information: on time, at the right level of detail, to the people who can use it to make a decision that helps improve short and long-term results.

With the plethora of data we’re getting, and with the speed at which change happens and transactions occur, it’s getting harder to find out exactly where you stand. How, when, where, and why we consume data is undergoing a major shift:



Static Dynamic
A big binder or a large PDF file When and where you need it (online, interactive, mobile)
Financial Financial, operational, strategic
Lagging indicators Leading indicators
Stale data Real-time information
Fixed Variable based on my role and my point of view
Passive Actionable, guided
Grids of numbers Graphical visualization
Pull (I have to go get it) Push (it comes to me)

How does your enterprise performance road-map address this shift in how data is consumed?  Do you have the right processes, governance, and tools in place to keep up with the new demand?



One Response to Data Consumption is undergoing a major shift

  1. Ron Dimon says:

    I *just* came across this today – but a good technical example of convergence in the Oracle Hyperion and BI world:

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